Rekaz Media

We are delighted to announce that Refocus Media has joined Rekaz Media Agency

Rekaz Media Agency is a dynamic media services company with operations in Kuwait, Europe and an international network of talents. The Joining of Refocus Media Company will reinforce Rekaz Media Agency’s position as a supplier of creative, marketing and media services in the Kuwaiti market.

The creative, marketing and media environment in Kuwait is in a state of change. With marketing services, especially digital ones, becoming increasingly prevalent and complex, and the “classic” marketing services starting to be in decline, there is a growing need for deeper understanding and more complex and effective marketing activities.

Professionals in corporations, firms and many other organisations will benefit greatly from the continued offering of Refocus Media’s specialists, combined with Rekaz Media’s expert digital marketing and creative services.

We are very excited to become part of Rekaz Media Agency. Through this combination, we have created a unique strategic opportunity by combining Refocus Media’s years of expertise and unparalleled content with Rekaz Media’s expansive footprint and product development capabilities. We will remain focused on our Clients and Partners and strengthen and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value.

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The Team of Refocus Media Company